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Youth Justice Milwaukee (YJM), was formed in 2016 to address the current crisis with youth prisons in Wisconsin. YJM seeks to learn from and incorporate models and approaches from other jurisdictions and states that have closed youth prisons and replaced them with better and more cost-effective, continuums of services for adjudicated youth. YJM is a collective voice of persons who were incarcerated as youth, families of those who were or are currently incarcerated as youth, local advocates for youth, and national experts on youth justice.


ACLU of Wisconsin

Blaquesmith Psychological Consultative Services

Burns Institute – Community Justice Network for Youth

COA Youth & Family Centers

Community Advocates Public Policy Institute

City of Milwaukee – Office of Violence Prevention

Disability Rights Wisconsin

DS Healing Center

Felmers Chaney Advocacy Board

Fresh Start Family Services

Milwaukee Inner City Congregations Allied for Hope (MICAH)

Milwaukee County Combined Community Services Board

Milwaukee County Delinquency and Court Services Division

Milwaukee Public Schools

MST Services, Inc.

NAACP Milwaukee

NAMI Greater Milwaukee

Running Rebels Community Organization

Saint A’s

Social Development Commission

Southwest Keys WI Programs

St. Charles Youth & Family Centers

True Skool

Urban Underground

Wisconsin Community Services

Youth First Initiative

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